Wintertime Wonderland LLC ticket policy waiver and release of liability – this is a release of liability please review closely.

By attending Wintertime Wonderland or Egg-Stravaganza at Wonderland at 195 Troy Schenectady Rd, the ticket holder (“Holder”) or Holder’s invitee assumes all risk and danger incidental to the Event, and all other activities, promotions, or events at the Event before, during or after the Event, including, but not limited to, the danger of being injured by equipment, objects or persons attending the Event (the “Risks”). Holder understands that attendance at the Event is entirely voluntary and no one is required to attend the Event. By attending the Event, Holder expressly releases and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Wintertime Wonderland LLC and their respective owners, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, members, shareholders, managers, officers, directors, employees, servants, agents, successors and assigns (the “Released Parties”) for injuries, death, or loss of personal property resulting from such Risks or any incidents associated with the Event. Holder understands that some Risks include, but are not limited to, the presence of large equipment at the Event, uneven surfaces, pyrotechnics, cords, and large crowds of individuals in attendance. Holder waives any and all claims against all such Released Parties. If Holder is accompanying a minor(s) to the Event, by allowing the minor(s) to attend the Event with Holder, Holder is deemed to have given all of the foregoing releases and waivers on behalf of such minor(s). In addition to the releases and indemnifications above, Holder shall also indemnify, defend, and hold the Released Parties harmless from any finding that the minor’s or minors’ release is/are unenforceable. If Holder does not wish to or is not authorized to grant such releases and waivers on behalf of the unaccompanied minor(s), Holder should immediately accompany the minor(s) out of the Event. The Holder and any accompanying minor(s) are admitted to the Event on condition that the Holder consents to the releases contained herein.


All sales are final. There are no refunds.


The revocable license granted by this ticket will be terminated, and ejection, detention or arrest may result for violating any law, any policies or rules of Wintertime Wonderland LLC as well as any Event policy, including but not limited to offensive language or disruptive behavior. You and your belongings may be searched upon entry or at any time while inside the Event, and any prohibited items may be confiscated. If you don’t consent to a search, you will be refused admission or ejected from the Event. This ticket shall not be resold or offered for resale in a manner or at a price in violation of any existing law or regulation. This ticket is only valid for the ticketed date indicated and no part of the purchase price will be refunded by reason of the non-use of this ticket for the particular date. The Event, including but not limited to, pyrotechnic displays, live music or other promotions are subject to cancellation and no part of the ticket purchase price will be refunded in the event of such cancellation. Holder agrees not to transmit or aid in transmitting any description, account, picture, video, audio, or another form of reproduction of the Event. Holder grants the Event and Wonderland, and its authorized sponsors permission to utilize Holder’s voice, image and likeness, in whole or in part, in any media whatsoever, in any Event photograph, video and/or audio sound recording or in any Event advertisement or promotion. The terms and conditions of this license are subject to applicable law.


The Event will be held rain or shine and no refunds will be issued as a result of inclement weather while the Event remains open. All sales are final and non-refundable. Wonderland is open rain, shine, sleet or snow!


The Event will follow New York State’s COVID-19 guidelines and capacity limits. If New York State is shut down and the Event is forced to close, all reservations made online will carry over into next season. 


Wonderland is designed to accommodate disabled Holders. The Event will make every reasonable effort to accommodate each guest with disabilities.


The Event may include performances featuring pyrotechnics, bright lights, music, and other elements which may affect Holders who are susceptible to audible or photo sensitivities.


Children under age two (2) may attend the Event without an event ticket if accompanied by a Holder. Such Children are expressly covered by the Waiver and Release of Liability.


The following items are not allowed into the Event at any time:

  • Outside Food & Drinks (snacks are permitted for toddlers 2 and under, as well as guests with specific food allergies, at the discretion of the Guest Services staff)
  • Drugs

  • Vape Pens

  • Smoking inside the event

  • Bags (exceeding 16′′ x 16′′)

  • Cans

  • Coolers

  • Drones

  • Glass Containers

  • Hoverboards

  • Laser Pointers

  • Lawn Chairs

  • Throwing Items

  • Tripods

  • Weapons/Knives (with or without a permit)

  • Non-service animals are not permitted at the event

  • Pepper Spray


Misconduct, violence, and profanity are causes for immediate escort out of the event without refund or exchange. Wonderland is a family event and has a zero-tolerance policy. We hold the right to refuse service to anyone.

*This list is subject to change without prior notice based on the decision of the operators of the venue.